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New Music for Alto and Soprano Saxophone

Glen Gillis, Richard Gillis, Glen Gillis and James Cunningham, David Kaplan, Paul Suchan, Barbara York

GLEN GILLIS, saxophone
Bonnie Nicholson, piano
Richard Gillis, trumpet and flugelhorn
Garry Gable, baritone
James Cunningham, conch trumpet, didgeridoos and percussion
Satnam Ramgotra, tabla and drum kit
Wayne Giesbrecht, electro-acoustics
Nicole Gillis, narration



Nominated for Instrumental Artist of the Year from the 2023 Western Canadian Music Awards 
SAXSPECTRUM 3, a continuation of the SaxSpectrum series, is a collection of new and stylistically diverse music for saxophone. All compositions were commissioned, written for, or written by Glen Gillis to promote the saxophone and the work of Canadian composers.

GLEN GILLIS maintains an active schedule in saxophone performance. He has performed at numerous international music conferences, including the World Saxophone Congresses and North American Saxophone Alliance Biennial and  Regional Conferences, and in recitals in North America, Europe, Iceland and China. Gillis’ diverse performance career and musical experience has spanned four decades in the classical and jazz genres, with many published compositions for saxophone and for concert band. As an educator and scholar, he has written numerous articles on woodwind pedagogy, conducting and music education, and has presented research papers and clinics at several international and national music conferences. An active recording artist, he can be heard on SaxSpectrum (2009) and SaxSpectrum 2 (2014) on MSR Classics, and as part of DGC, on Sonic Eclipse (2020) on Hoot/Wisdom. Gillis is also active as a clinician and adjudicator for solo and ensemble festivals and workshops, and as a guest conductor of bands. Gillis, a Conn-Selmer Artist and Clinician, is Professor of Music (saxophone, conducting and music education) at the University of Saskatchewan. [ ]

Selmer Series III alto and soprano saxophones
Yamaha CF4 6’3” concert grand piano
Yamaha trumpet and flugelhorn
DW drums and Zildjian cymbals
Traditional and slide didgeridoos
James Cunningham Sewerphones
Glen Gillis (b.1956)
DIVERGENCE for alto saxophone and piano
Richard Gillis (b.1955)
FOREVER & EVER for alto saxophone, trumpet and piano
Barbara York (1949-2020)
THREE ODD DANCES for alto saxophone and piano
I. Tangoesque
II. Waltzish
III. Can-Canny
Glen Gillis
HOMAGE for solo alto saxophone

CARTOON DUO for soprano and alto saxophone
David Kaplan (1923-2015)
PROVERB for baritone (voice), alto saxophone and piano
Glen Gillis
SUITE for alto saxophone, trumpet and piano
I. Fanfare
II. Soliloquies
III. ConFusion
IV. Barren
V. Jig
VI. Revival
VII. Fiesta

Glen Gillis and James Cunningham (b.1954)
FANFARE for alto saxophone, slide didgeridoo and conch trumpet

WALKABOUT for alto saxophone, didgeridoo and tabla

COSMIC SUITE for alto saxophone, didgeridoos and electro-acoustics
I. Supernova
II. Pulsar
III. Milky Way
IV. Interstellar Medium
V. Quasar
VI. Kuiper Belt
VII. Event Horizon
VIII. Black Hole

Paul Suchan (b.1983)
BELLS OF THE HOURS for soprano saxophone and piano
I. Matins – The Vigil
II. Prime – First Hour of Daylight: 6 AM
III. Terce – Third Hour of the Day: 9 AM
IV. Sext – Sixth Hour of Daylight: Noon
V. Nones – Ninth Hour of Daylight: 3 PM
VI. Vespers – Sunset Evening: 6 PM
VII. Compline – End of Day: 9 PM

Glen Gillis
LAMENT for alto saxophone and piano

CAPRICCIO for alto saxophone and piano

Recorded 2020-2021 at the Media Production Studios, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada. Executive Producer: Glen Gillis. Recording engineer: Wayne Giesbrecht. Piano technician: Roger Jolly.

MSR Classics
New Music for Alto and Soprano Saxophone GLEN GILLIS

New Music for Alto and Soprano Saxophone