Straight Ahead & The Subtle Side


Bob Hanlon – Tenor Saxophone
Doug Lawrence – Tenor Saxophone
Joe Cohn – Guitar

Brandon McCune – Piano
Richard Wyands – Piano

Lysle Atkinson – Bass
Dennis Irwin – Bass
Calvin Jones – Bass
Chip Jackson – Bass
Gene Perla – Bass
Mike Richmond – Bass

Cecil Brooks  – Drums
Al Harewood – Drums
Steve Johns – Drums
Bobby Kapp – Drums
Barry Reese – Drums
Tom Sayak – Drums

2-CD set



“Purvis is a singer with a great jazz feeling and sensitivity. She reads a lyric well, is adept at bending notes, phrasing in her own individual manner and reimagining some of the tunes. This set covers a lot of ground, and Purvis is adept at adapting to the different settings… a terrific collection.”
Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz [October 2015]

WHY DO WE MAKE MUSIC, WHY DO WE SING? As I sit here trying to write these liner notes this question is on my mind. For me it is the thrill of playing along on a current of music just like a bird. But more importantly and what I sometimes forget is hearing from people who have enjoyed my music. Once I got an email from a man who told me he had moved around the country several times and our albums always went with him, that they were like old friends. Then I got a call once from another singer who had lost her mother and it was Christmas, and she told me my holiday CD was helping her through her grief. And the latest is this from a student of Bob’s.

“Hi Pam, I've been listening to your album this week. The more I listen to it, the more I appreciate your ARTISTRY. You've done an amazing work. I appreciate the musical elements of the recordings, but on a more fundamental level, I love how emotionally engaging it is. You've expressed such a range of feeling! I find myself tapping my hands and wanting to sing when I listen to 'The Night Has a Thousand Eyes', and when I listen to 'The Summer Knows', I'm on the verge of tears. All that is probably against the grain of the way society expects a middle age male to act. But it's the way God made me, and music like yours makes me feel free and appreciate what it feels like to be a human. You and Bob are one of a kind.”

How much better a compliment than to have someone tell you that your music makes them feel free and appreciate what it feels like to be a human? After 40 plus years, of working on my craft, this is THE best reward. So whatever else may be in store for me, and I certainly look forward to some great experiences with great musicians and continuing to grow as an artist, I am satisfied that I have shed a little light in this world. And that makes me happy.

Thank you to all the amazing musicians on these CDs. They are some of my all time favorites and it has been a gift to work with and learn from them. Of course love and thanks to the love of my life, my mentor and best friend, Bob. Take a listen to his work with John on the trio CD. No one I know can respond with such sensitivity to an accompanist of John’s caliber. This CD is a compilation of music recorded over several years. It is interesting that it was supposed to be ‘my’ CD with Bob, my partner of 38 years, one of the sidemen. But as I listened to these recordings, I was struck by the sheer beauty of his musical voice in his solos. I often refer to a musician’s ‘music’; that voice which is theirs alone. It has nothing to do with technique or musical knowledge. It is more primal than that. It cannot be learned, and is the personal response of a musician to the music he feels, to a song that must be expressed.

This musical voice has been an inspiration to me for over 38 years. Bob has nurtured me and encouraged me and my own ‘music’. His respect for my inner voice has enabled me to develop into the singer that I am today. I hope that I will be able to continue to develop and grow for several more years. It is the learning and the blossoming, if you will, that have been my passion. The lyrics to the title track sum it all up for me. Our life together has been a blessing… “As long as love can wear a smile, I know that we’ll be two for the road and that’s a long long while”. Thirty-eight years and counting... [Pam]
"When I think about things I immediately realize that the major accomplishment of my life is my relationship with Pam. Everything else takes a back seat to that fact and this allows us to musically dance together with grace and precision. We constantly work on our art and craft together. What else can I say?" [Bob Ackerman]

Special thanks to Tristan Willems, our dear friend and arranger/conductor of the orchestra on “I’ll Keep Loving You” - without his encouragement and inspiration this piece would not exist. Thanks also to Dave Darlington for his mastering genius and for being so easy to work with; to Chris Drukker for the photos and design - I love them because they capture the essence of what Bob and I are to each other. And I am always grateful to the composers and lyricists for giving us this beautiful music.
The Eagle and Me Harold Arlen – E. Y. Harburg
Golden Earrings Victor Young – Jay Livingston & Ray Evans
Two For the Road Henry Mancini – Leslie Bricusse
Purple Dreams Bob Ackerman – Bobby Kapp
Detour Ahead John Frigo – John Frigo & Lou Carter
Simple Simon Claude Johnson – Sarah James
A Time for Love Johnny Mandel – Paul Francis Webster
Blues at Sylvia’s Bob Ackerman – Frank Rielly
But Beautiful Jimmy Van Heusen – Johnny Burke
One for My Baby Harold Arlen – Johnny Mercer
Speak Low Kurt Weill – Ogden Nash
The Lamp is Low Peter DeRose – Bert Shefter & Mitchel Parish
Angel Eyes Matt Dennis – Earl Brent
Route 66 Bobby & Cynthia Troupe

The Night Has a Thousand Eyes Jerry Brainin – Buddy Bernier­
But Beautiful Jimmy Van Heusen – Johnny Burke­
Small Day Tomorrow Bob Dorough – Fran Landesman­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
Heart’s Desire Alan Broadbent – Dave Frishberg­
You and I Stevie Wonder – Stevie Wonder­ ­­­
My Shining Hour Harold Arlen – Johnny Mercer­ ­­
In the Still of the Night Cole Porter – Cole Porter­ ­­­
The Summer Knows Michel Legrand – Marilyn & Alan Bergman­
September Song Kurt Weill – Maxwell Anderson­
When October Goes Barry Manilow – Johnny Mercer­
I’ll Keep Loving You Bud Powell – Tony Cohen­­­­­

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