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A Collection of Our Favorites - Works Composed and Arranged for Brass Quintet


Kevin Long & Donald Hughes, Trumpet
Shari Gleason-Mayrhofer, Horn
Bryan Hay, Trombone
Allen Frank, Tuba

Richard Groller & Michael Vought, Percussion
Gary Rissmiller, Drumset



"I love music for brass quintet, so this CD pretty much had me before I put it on the Discman...  I do like [MSB's] sense of repertory enterprise and, for the most part, their taste. The Mainstreet Brass play with spirit, a good sense of humor, and poetry where needed. The jokes are never jokey. To me, the really exacting piece, David Marlatt's arrangement of the Queen of the Night's killer aria, shows the ensemble's chops, particularly those of the two trumpeters, Kevin Long and Donald Hughes. However, this isn't really a matter of a star and his backup group, but of a true ensemble... Nevertheless, this album is its own good time."
Steve Schwartz, ClassicalNet - December 2011
"[Mainstreet Brass] is to be commended and thanked for taking the initiative to commission new works for brass quintet. [MSB] is a unique and talented quintet that is willing to take risks... This album is an example of cogent brass quintet playing."
Mark Lynn, ITG Journal - March 2010
"There’s something for everyone in this enjoyable collection... Mainstreet Brass enters winningly into the spirit of the varied selections with exuberant fluency... This CD should please Mainstreet Brass’s many fans who often asked for recorded versions of the group’s repertoire—the impetus for the CD—as well as anyone who would enjoy hearing this attractive program played by an excellent, versatile ensemble. "
Robert Schulslaper, Fanfare - May/June 2009
For as long as we can remember, the most often received question after a Mainstreet Brass concert has been “have you recorded any of the music you just played?” We got the message and are pleased to present “By Request,” our response to all those audience members who have asked us to record our concert repertoire. We hope you enjoy the music presented here

*     *     *

MAINSTREET BRASS formed in 1986, inspired by a musical camaraderie, passion for brass quintet literature and performance and a goal to present interesting and entertaining music to audiences. The quintet has performed for enthusiastic audiences at performing arts festivals, colleges and concert series across the United States and in the United Kingdom. Described as “marvelously delightful,” “magical, balanced and alive” and showing “exquisite artistry” and “sonorous magnificence,” Mainstreet Brass presents varied repertoire spanning the centuries. It’s part of what the ensemble is about — flexibility, artistic range, accessibility and reaching out to listeners of all ages. Mainstreet Brass is on the forefront of discovering new repertoire for the brass quintet, actively commissioning unique, accessible arrangements and new literature to enhance concert programs for the enjoyment of its audiences.

Reaching out to new audiences is an important part of the Mainstreet Brass’ mission. The group made a successful concert tour of the United Kingdom in the summer of 2004, performing at Cambridge University, St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, Lyonsdown Hall in London and other cathedrals and venues throughout Scotland and Great Britain. In September 2005, the group toured Vermont, performing in a concert series in the Green Mountain State’s picturesque Northeast Kingdom as well as at the historic Old First Church in Bennington. In 2007, the quintet helped premiere a series of Christmas programs at Central Moravian Church in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, which told the story of the Moravians, their rich musical heritage and how they found their way to the wilderness of eastern Pennsylvania in the mid-1700s.

The Mainstreet Brass spirit creates a contagious on-stage energy from the opening downbeat to the final chord — a memorable experience that’s an uplifting, magical escape.


Intrada (Danson; composed for MSB on 15th anniversary)

Procession of Nobles (Rimsky-Korsakov; arr. Kevin Long)

Loch Lomond (Trad. Scottish folk song; arr. for MSB by Carol Traupman–Carr)

Baroque Hoedown (J-J Perrey & G. Kingsley; arr. for MSB by Jonathan Smith)

Medley of Rhymes for Five Brass (Traditional; arr. Danson) Oranges and Lemons / Three Blind Mice / Humpty Dumpty / Goosey Goosey Gander / Sing a Song of Sixpence

It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing) (Ellington; arr. D. Koshyna)

Melodies of Japan (Traditional; arr. for MSB by J. Smith) I Found a Small Piece of Autumn / Sukiyaki Song (Hachidai Nakamura) / The Flower / Rain / Picking Up Tea Leaf / Kiso-Bushi I & II / Zuizui Zukkorobashi

Souvenir de Porto Rico (Gottschalk; arr. Mark Tezak)

An American Hymn – I Am Home (Lee Holdridge; arr. for MSB by J. Smith)

Dead Man Blues (Jelly Roll Morton; arr. Jeffrey Piper)

iSpy (arr. for MSB by J. Smith) Peter Gunn (Mancini) / Soul Bossa Nova (Quincy Jones) / Mission Impossible (Schifrin) / James Bond (Monty Norman)

Queen of the Night’s Aria from The Magic Flute (Mozart; arr. David Marlatt)

Moonlight in Vermont (Karl Suessdorf; arr. for MSB by Lewis J. Buckley)

Darktown Strutters’ Ball (Shelton Brooks; arr. Kenneth Amis)

Beautiful Dreamer (Foster; arr. for MSB by Gregory Helseth)

Winter Crossing (P. Coulter & J. Galway; arr. for MSB by J. Smith)

Ashokan Farewell (Ungar; arr. L.J. Buckley)

Tournament Galop (Gottschalk; arr. Theodore A. Cory)

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