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Music for Euphonium and Piano

Derek Bourgeois, Jiro Censhu, Duncan Macmillan, David Morgan, Richard Prior, Rolf Wilhelm

ADAM FREY, euphonium
Paula Peace, Piano
Fred Mills, Trumpet



American Record Guide - January / February 2009
"Adam Frey [is] perhaps the world's leading young euphonium player...[this disc] is a significant contribution to the euphonium world, presenting a number of new works that should become part of the standard recital repertory...ability to play technically difficult, slurred material with admirable evenness and precision. Excellent collaborative work by pianist Paula Peace."
Fanfare - March / April 2008
What lies beyond the horizon? This question drives explorers, travelers and leaders. No one knows for sure what will happen, but we can look at past experiences to make an educated guess about the future. As I look at the history of the euphonium, I see significant growth and development in the past forty years. The new repertoire and opportunities for the euphonium have expanded, yet there remains a need to strengthen and advance, given the instrument’s youth. Hence, my goal with the Beyond the Horizon series revolves around new music for euphonium that stands at the forefront: music that will challenge players and teachers tomorrow, and music that will travel with us beyond the horizon and into the future.

Many of these pieces have been written for me and carry a quality of forward thinking. They aim at filling a need in the repertoire, providing a new style or pairing for the instrument, and elevating the euphonium to a new level of playing demands. On this recording, Derek Bourgeois, Duncan MacMillan, David Morgan and Richard Prior penned new works for me. Of course, there are many wonderful pieces that are not personally connected to me that I have enjoyed exploring as well. I fell in love with the Censhu composition when I played it the first time. The Wilhelm involves a great chamber work including the trumpet with the euphonium and piano. As we venture forth into each of the pieces, I hope you enjoy these fruits of my labor and see where the euphonium can take you - from the energetic feeling of Bourgeois, to the relaxing moods of Japan, to the Scottish countryside and back to America, and finally some lighter music of the German cartoon composer Rolf Wilhelm, where I am joined by Fred Mills, former trumpet with the famed Canadian Brass.

*   *   *

One of the elite young brass soloists in the world, ADAM FREY travels the globe invigorating the international music scene with his virtuoso talent, sensitive lyricism, and connection with audiences. Whether Adam’s performing with orchestras, wind bands, brass bands, or in solo recitals, audiences love his charismatic personality and accessible musical interpretations, and critics rave over his technical prowess and tenacious promotion of the euphonium. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Adam received his musical training at the University of Georgia and the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, England. As a major young ambassador of the euphonium, Adam has more than 60 works that have been composed or specifically arranged for him.

Adam has played with ensembles the world over, including the Boston Pops, Cheju Symphony Orchestra in South Korea and the Vaasa Symphony Orchestra in Finland, along with symphony orchestras in Seattle, Oregon, Atlanta, Greensboro and Charleston. He also performs regularly with wind bands and brass bands that have included Soli Brass in Holland, Point of Ayr in Wales, the National Youth Brass Band of Switzerland and wind bands from Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong and the United States. As a champion of the euphonium, Adam has accomplished many firsts for the euphonium with noteworthy success in his early years in Young Artist competitions. Realizing success in these, he afforded audiences and conductors the chance to hear the euphonium elevated to the orchestral concert stage and also gain respect for the instrument’s repertoire and abilities. As a standout figure in the realm of euphonium players, Adam advocates a strong musical education for young players and has published articles internationally and served as an assistant editor of the Euphonium Source Book, a text dedicated to all things euphonium. He serves as president of The Euphonium Foundation Inc., a non-profit established to promote the euphonium, and as Artistic Director of The International Euphonium Institute, a one of a kind experience for young players from around the world to work up close and personal with leaders in the field of euphonium. Adam also serves as Adjunct Professor of Euphonium at Georgia State University and as an Artist Affiliate with Emory University.

Adam has an impressive catalogue of recordings that range from his first solo recording, Listen to THIS!! (with piano) to Collected Dreams, an enchanting collection of traditional Scottish, Irish and classical melodies (with synthesizer) to his pioneering recordings released with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra entitled Majestic Journey and Taking Flight. He also has partnered with a former trombonist with the Empire Brass, Scott Hartmann, along with the Metropolitan Wind Symphony and Lawrence Isaacson in Little Buckaroos, which exhibits two virtuoso soloists in lovely duets, including an entertaining rendition of the infamous Duelin’ Banjos. In 2007, Adam released Beyond the Horizons featuring new works for the euphonium, many specifically composed for him. He also appears on ten other recordings as a collaborative artist and has been a featured soloist in broadcasts on BBC Radio 2, Swiss Cable Radio, and on numerous NPR stations in the United States. Frey’s website,, contains information about concert activities, recordings, education programs, photos from his world travels, and serves as a hub of information about the euphonium.

Adam Frey is a Yamaha Performing Artist and Guest Clinician.


Concert Prelude

A Walk in the Woods


Gaelic Sonata
I. The Cost of Adventure
II. Sea Changes
III. Coming Home, Ceilidh

Shapes of the Morning

Duett Concertino
I. Allegro con brio
II. Andante
III. Allegro moderato

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