VOCALISE: Cello Interpretations

VOCALISE: Cello Interpretations

Jerome Malery Piano; Jerry Peters Piano and Organ; Gigi McLean, Vocal; Forrest Bardner, Vocal; Special Guest Artist Thelma Houston, Vocal; Lori Andrews, Harp; Charles Veal Jr. Piano & Vocal; the Second Power
South Central Chamber Orchestra & Chorus


This unique disc showcases a range and versatility of the cello never before heard. American cellist Caroline Worthington brings forth music in ways that are both hauntingly familiar, yet refreshingly new. From the opening work, Rachmaninov’s beautiful "Vocalise", the recording segues into the black spiritual "Break Bread Together". Mozart’s "Queen of the Night" from The Magic Flute is here heard on the cello for the first time, and in the original coloratura range. Classics such as Gounod’s "Ave Maria" contrast beautifully with Stevie Wonder’s song "As". All the works featured here, old and new, dance and weave around one another, taking the listener on a truly wondrous journey. Here the cello finds its true voice, and in masterful performances by Caroline Worthington on her 1733 Montagnana, one of the finest cellos ever crafted.
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Caroline Worthington was born in Middletown Connecticut and at the age of nine decided that the cello would be her lifelong pursuit. She studied with Luigi Silva, Pablo Casals, Gabor Rejto, Edgar Lustgarten, Nickolai Graudan and William Pleeth. Under the aegis of Columbia Artists Management and Wilhelm Hensen, she toured worldwide with the Montagnana Trio, so named for her cello. She was much sought after as a teacher, and was very philanthropic in her efforts to help others. Her musical journey as a pedagogue, soloist, and chamber musician has been extensive.
"To me, the most wonderful art form of all is music, for it reaches the mind and touches the soul. My desire is to enrich your life and awaken your senses with my art of performance."
C.Veal Jr.: Lament - In Memory of JFK
W.A. Mozart: Queen of the Night
Johann Sebastian Bach: Air
Gabriel Faure: Apres Une Reve
George Frederic Handel: Largo
Stevie Wonder: As
Charles Gounod: Ave Maria
Arcangelo Corelli: Adagio
Charles Veal Jr.: Wiegenlied
Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov: Flight of the Bumblebee

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