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IN A GOOD WAY - Native American Stories

IN A GOOD WAY - Native American Stories




I am the continuity of their faith, love, and hope.

Long ago, when our ancestors treated Nature with sacred reverence, stories were passed on by word of mouth, from heart to heart, from generation to generation, with as many levels as there are in the universe.   Many tales told of how the animals danced and sang, and cried and spoke with each other.  They told of how the wind carried messages of love and warning and how the trees made homes for so many of their friends, and lifted their arms to the sky, while the waters brought life and peace to the land.  Little Hawk's Grandparents made all this come alive in his heart with their storytelling.

Through these oral traditions came stories and songs for all ages to entertain, teach, and remind us that we're connected to all other living things and how we can live IN A GOOD WAY.  The message was and is that all life is related and we must exist in harmony with nature and other people--regardless of who they are or where they came from.  This truth must be told to each generation so they, in turn, will teach their children the truth. Little Hawk credits his Grandparents and the many generations who came before him for teaching that much of man's humanity comes through us and not from us. Through this recording, he welcomes the opportunity of sharing these values with others


Flutes; eagle-bone whistle; horns (conch shell, bark trumpet); rattles (deer toes, bark, shells, nuts); rain sticks; percussion (hand drums, turtle shell drum, gourd drum & river rocks)

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