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IN A VERY REAL WAY - Native American Stories

IN A VERY REAL WAY - Native American Stories




Giving thanks each day to those who taught us important lessons for living and who have been our spiritual advisors and guides is the very least we can do for all they have given us.  They have proven to be the most human of beings and their entry into the Circle of Ancestors gives us both profound sorrow and great joy. We must continue to practice their traditional values in order to bring people together and heal the fractures that exist between us.  Their ways remain the hope of today's children and of generations to come. Those of us who journey between the Elders and the children, and have held the hands of both, need to be reminded daily that our Ancestors are our point of reference.  We are the continuity of those Elders preparing to enter into the Ancestors' Circle … IN A VERY REAL WAY.

Native American flutes; percussion (hand drums, turtle shell, gourd, river rocks); horn; (conch shell, bark trumpet); rattles  (deer toes, horn); rain stick; rattles; cymbals; Kurzweil Mark 12; electric horn; keyboards; didgeridoo; vocals

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